Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Recording soon... it may even sound good.

So then it looks like we're gonna be recording before our first gig. awesome i know. Three songs to be done, one just for our myspace page and the other two for our lovely FREE ep.

Thinking about it two tracks does not equal an ep does it? it's still free though, dunno if will give it a swanky title so it looks good on your iTunes, we may just leave it blank so everyone can make up their own title for it. i guess the words "pancake" and "shit" may be used for most peeps.

Still our good friend, the king of beef, Steve Weston shall be recorded and mixing these badboys, and we may even include a video or photo diary of the session. Benefits of that would be to give you chance to see us looking very confused holding and pretending to use musical equipment. truely a visual delight for all to witness.

Anyways this blog has achieved its goal in knocking down Logans work boredom related guff will real Swimmers based news. All is good in the world again.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Side project ahoy!

I have posted 2 new songs on Myspace under my solo guise of These Are Flashes. You can hear 'Attack!' and 'Devices' at

Quite dark and nasty sounding bleeps and synths and beats and stuff. Had the songs kicking around for a bit, so thought I'd put them online.

Check em out.


So, yeah, um, woo

Totally bored today. The new Lightning Bolt album sounds immense, the new Flaming Lips one messes with my brain and I'm in love with Japandroids. Just thought I'd share that one.



Monday, 28 September 2009

The mundane ramblings from the practice room...

Morning all

So once again myself and Logan have been hitting the practice room. All the while wondering what it'll be like when Dims returns, latest reports have it that he's insulting nearly the entire population of Glasgow whilst drunk. It seems he's settling into the north of the border lifestyle.

However we can't spend 5 hour sessions debating on what Dims is getting up to so we continue writing. And that's what we do adequately.

Due to the recent brilliant and slightly illegal actions of a sporting team boss we have created the tune "Full Spin Nelson". It does rock somewhat, plus Logan was determined to do Lightning Bolt drumming, and by bollocks he pulls it off.

Still next time we practice the Dims will be back, will he have numerous unexplained scars? will he have picked up an accent? are the rumours about the three 16 year olds true? I don't know but i'm sure we'll publish the answers.

J x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So, we've been busy little bees of late. Despite the fact Dims has fucked off to Glasgow for work related shennanigans, myself and J have been knocking up a new tune.

'You Speak In Binary' is done. When will you hear it? When we gig of course. That got you all excited didn't it, just for a split second.

Nevermind. All I can say is, it's very good.


Gigs, ya fucks

We've booked some shows. Fucking awesome. So you can come and have your hearing destroyed at the following dates -

Friday 6th November @ The Ship, Leigh On Sea, Essex
Friday 20th November @ The Railway, Billericay, Essex
Thursday 3rd December @ The Fleece, Chelmsford, Essex

2010 (yes, we're that cool, we're booking for 2010)

Saturday 30th January @ PJ McGinty's, Ipswich

See you there.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wanna book Swimmers for a show?

Wanna book Swimmers for a show? Then here's how it works:

Contact us through either the following:

Myspace -
Email -

We'll discuss a date, and payment. We're all about covering our travel expenses. Your the promoter/venue, you promote the show to bring in the people to make the moolah to pay the bands. Agreed? Good. Then we'll be seeing you soon for a show.

If you're one of those band competion hosts/sell xxxx number of tickets/bring xxxx number of people with you kinda promoter, then, please don't bother. Why would people want to travel from Essex to Bristol or whatever to watch us when they can watch us in Essex? Would you travel across the country to see a band you could see in your local? Didn't think so.

So there we have it. How to book us.

Much love