Monday, 28 September 2009

The mundane ramblings from the practice room...

Morning all

So once again myself and Logan have been hitting the practice room. All the while wondering what it'll be like when Dims returns, latest reports have it that he's insulting nearly the entire population of Glasgow whilst drunk. It seems he's settling into the north of the border lifestyle.

However we can't spend 5 hour sessions debating on what Dims is getting up to so we continue writing. And that's what we do adequately.

Due to the recent brilliant and slightly illegal actions of a sporting team boss we have created the tune "Full Spin Nelson". It does rock somewhat, plus Logan was determined to do Lightning Bolt drumming, and by bollocks he pulls it off.

Still next time we practice the Dims will be back, will he have numerous unexplained scars? will he have picked up an accent? are the rumours about the three 16 year olds true? I don't know but i'm sure we'll publish the answers.

J x

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