Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Recording soon... it may even sound good.

So then it looks like we're gonna be recording before our first gig. awesome i know. Three songs to be done, one just for our myspace page and the other two for our lovely FREE ep.

Thinking about it two tracks does not equal an ep does it? it's still free though, dunno if will give it a swanky title so it looks good on your iTunes, we may just leave it blank so everyone can make up their own title for it. i guess the words "pancake" and "shit" may be used for most peeps.

Still our good friend, the king of beef, Steve Weston shall be recorded and mixing these badboys, and we may even include a video or photo diary of the session. Benefits of that would be to give you chance to see us looking very confused holding and pretending to use musical equipment. truely a visual delight for all to witness.

Anyways this blog has achieved its goal in knocking down Logans work boredom related guff will real Swimmers based news. All is good in the world again.

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